Who We Are

An International, Interdenominational Prayer Movement

I Stand In Prayer is an international, interdenominational prayer movement, with a vision to revive the church and rewire the God's Children through  prayer.


Our Vision

Every day, to reach a larger number of people so that they can experience the power of group prayer for the same purpose. Building a closer relationship with God to live a more immersive Christian life. Standing in the gap of prayer for the kingdom of God, people, places and systems.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to invite Christians to a life of cummunion and living prayer, always seeking the Kingdom of God and His justice
  • To receive prayer request from people all over the world and, clothed in faith, to share the strength that comes from above in a prayer chain.
  • And everyone to remain firm in the purpose of faith, we promote the encouragement of daily spiritual practice.

Core Values

  • Love: The first and most important of the commandments. The one that sums it all up. "Love one another as I have loved you"
  • Union: Promote it among God's children through prayer.
  • Empathy: So that everyone can truly intercede for one another
  • Justice: The pursuit of a righteous and just life to be worthy of the kingdom of God and His limitless goodness.
  • Faith: Because we follow the path based on what we believe rather than what we see
How We Work

For Those Submitting Prayers Request

When prayer requests come to Us they are placed in our database and assigned to  intercessors who pray 21 days for each request. 

The person requesting prayer is kept anonymous to those who are assigned to pray for them.

Intercessors are asked to note any Bible verse or God's guidance that comes to them as they pray over their list.

These scriptures and guidance are reported back to Us and then passed on to the requester.  We encourage those requesting prayer to tell us when they receive answers to prayer.

These answers are reported to the intercessor who prayed so they can share in the joy of your answered prayers. They often appear on our website.


For Intercessors

  1. Register to become an intercessor
  2. Prayer request are sent to you to pray over for about 21 days
  3. Join the team for the online prayer day gathering to intercede.